Dr. Nicole Smith

Inspiring You Towards a Better You


Happy to be a part of your team to living a whole and better life

Purpose :

Your vision is very valuable which explains the importance of YOU.

Your vision is your future treasure.

I understand your vision is depending on you to show up and I am happy to be a part of your team.

You are important!

What you do today affects your tomorrow.

Making the decision to invest and develope every area of your life, says you have embraced the opportunity to soar high above with eagles.

You are a WINNER!!
You are a CHAMPION!!

Every winner sacrifices, trains, and discipline themselves.

Every winner decides to commit to the process of reaching their vision/ a better whole life.

Have you made that commitment?

I hope so because I am here to help.

Thank you for allowing me to motivate and inspire you to reach your ultimate YOU!!

The BEST you.

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Special Notation:

As an Author, Dr. of Theological Studies (2010), Ordained Minister (2006), Teacher, Premarital -Marriage- Spiritual Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Mentor, I respect and honor your vision and goals and is honored to be a part of your winning team.


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Areas of Focus:

* Motivational Speaking

* Vision & Goal's Workshop
* Personal Development

*Family Empowerrment
*Finding Your True Purpose

* Walking in Purpose/Faith

*Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions
* Mentoring Teenagers & Young Adult
* Pre-Marital Counseling

* Marriage Counseling
* Intercessory Prayer 

* Ministry/ Evangelism/Outreach
* Ministry/ Leadership training

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52 week planner with the sole purpose of placing God first while planning your goals and or vision.  That is a colorful printed planner like workbook. A great life investment.
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